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novartech 14Dec2007 06:38

Partnership Wanted - Free Work !
I run a small programming company based in Melbourne. Currently i am looking for a established company that would be interested in a profit sharing partnership. If you were to have any projects that you may be unable to commit to, whether it be due to time or resource constraints we would be happy to assist in completing such projects.
We would absorb all the costs incurred by completing the project, and on the completion of the project we would only take a small percentage of the profit attained. In summation, we would be be working on your projects, incurring your costs and finally giving you the final profits.
As a quality control method we would send the finished projects to you before the clients to ensure the work is of a high quality and have no issues with your company claiming ownership to the work.

If this option sounds interesting please do not hesitate to contact me.

Nathan Bird
Novar Tech


shabbir 14Dec2007 09:21

Re: Partnership Wanted - Free Work !
Why don't you start writing some articles for go4expert.com and we have the option of paying for the articles as well.

novartech 14Dec2007 09:35

Re: Partnership Wanted - Free Work !
Thankyou for your feedback. To follow up my initial thread, we are putting in place a service that can be utilised by any company in the IT industry. We are in place not purely to take jobs from companies, we are there in case a company requires any assistance. Whether the company requires assistance with a specific part of the project, or the project in its entirity we can offer such assistance.

Our work is not all shipped off shore, the main reason of having numerous office locations is so that we can provide a more personal feel to our clients and/or partners. Programming and web design are only a small facet of our companies operations as you will see if you are to view our website ;
( http://www.novartech.cn)
We also offer specialist face to face consultation we can be of service at any point within a companiesproject development, again further reiterating that need for different office locations.

So once again, in summation Novar is not purely a company that shifts programming work off shore, we are a company that offers a service to its clients to ensure that they can provide the highest quality end results to their end users.

If you any other readers have any further queries about our services, please contact us and we can give you a more detailed insight into how we could assist your company in providing high quality products.

Once again, Many Thanks

Nathan Bird

Novar Tech

shabbir 14Dec2007 18:26

Re: Partnership Wanted - Free Work !
What I meant is you can provide some technical articles to go4expert.com and we can pay you for your write ups. see http://www.go4expert.com/showthread.php?t=634

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