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neoform 6Dec2007 01:37

PHP.neoform Framework 1.20
Just wanted thoughts/suggestions on a framework i've made.

I've been working on this framework for about 2 years now, I've finally hit the point where I think it's good to go for public use. I'm releasing it under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Generic License.


I've used it on about 20 different sites, and have tried to make it as extensible as possible.

For a bit of a readme on how it works, check out a current version of it running:


Screenshots of the admin backend:

http://www.phpneoform.com/117/phpneo...albums/phpneof ormscreenshots/

Web Forums Package:


Images Package:


I'm still in the process of writing up more documentation on it, takes time though.



PHP 5 (using mysqli)

Apache with mod_rewrite on

shabbir 6Dec2007 09:48

Re: PHP.neoform Framework 1.20
Moved thread from ShowCase - Products Review Tutorials and Source Code to Go4Expert - PHP Forums because showcase is for review of the community members and not for asking community opinion.

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