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linkbuilderccs1 5Dec2007 10:05

Health and Medical links need
Dear webmaster,

I am building one way link to this site
specialtymedicalsupply.com, if you provide a link from your health and Medical site to this site,I will place your link to any of my sites.I have sites related to
HEALTH,MEDICAL,WEB DESIGN,WEB HOSTING,PRINTING related with good page rank.I need link from USA,UK sites only.If you are interested,please contact me i ever showing on gmail .

My id :linkbuilderccs@gmail.com

Waiting for your reply.
Thanks and Regards,

shabbir 5Dec2007 12:28

Re: Health and Medical links need
Deleted your other threads. Please do not post the same request over and over again as it does not help but annoys the person who is willing to reply even.

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