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shabbir 1May2006 00:33

Alternatives to adsense
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Many webmasters when they create new websites they tend to do it for the sole purpose of making great money and they assume this can be done by just applying for any ad network and specially Google adsense and then see that no good revenue is coming from the ads and then they tend to click there own ads and most of the time there adsense account gets canceled. Many user even all into the trap and they have never done such invalid clicks but are banned for similar reason. What next. This article provides you some insight about what are the other ad networks available and shows you the pros and cons of each of them.

This article will also guide you in regard of your advertising campaign and which one is preferable depending on your audience and user base requirements. I have no personal experience with each of them but at least some of them and if you would like to share your views and experience I will be more than happy.

• Yahoo YPN
Yahoo in competition with Google has launched its new ad service called yahoo publisher and biggest disadvantage of it as of now is it’s only for persons having valid SSN no. They are planning to be going it for the others as well but for the time being its only for USA guys only.

• Clicksor
Clicksor is one of the best for your website after adsense and YPN with its unique feature of text links which has a very good click through ratios. They mentioned on there site that they pay 70% of the profit share from your site which is increased to 85% for the webmasters you refer directly. But the referral scheme is not very attractive like Google adsense but it has very short earning.

• Intellitxt
Vibrant Media’s IntelliTxt is one of the most impressive ad networks for webmasters as it has very unique features of converting the text of the output into a special link which displays advertiser’s message when the user moves the mouse over the advertising link and if you have good content rich site this one is the best for you. The other advantage of it is being it does not occupy any space on the pages.

The only disadvantage as I see is it converts the words/phrases of the text into ads and so you may loose some potential users(though increasing the click through). The best way to go about it is show these ads to your members and not to guests.

• TargetPoint
They have quite a few options for you as a webmasters like AdPoint, ExitPoint, ImagePoint, UnderPoint.
AdPoint displays ads relevant to the content of the page.
ExitPoint displays ads to the exit traffic and UnderPoint is something similar to the Popunder both of which are annoying to the users who are leaving/visited the site especially to me when something comes up to a foreign window when I am looking for something in the other window.
ImagePoint as they say is very unique in its own kind but I don’t find anything unique about it as it just displays instead of text a banner to the user relevant to the content of the text.

• Adbrite
This is new concept of advertising where you put the adbrite code on your site and if anyone signs up to advertise on your site you get the ads. Though it does not sound very attractive the rates look quite attractive but it’s you who should be sending the webmasters to the adbrite to maintain your advertising space.

• Chitika
Chitika has one great thing and it is the looks of the ads. It’s unique and has a very good tabbed browsing effect for the ads that are displayed. Other than that what I have experienced is they have a very low CPC probably because mostly the ads are from amazon or from ebay affiliates.

• BidClix
BidClix did not impress me at all for a simple reason that they have suggested on there site

Originally Posted by BidClix
Continue to use Google AdSense or any other ad network.

which means either there ads are not targeted (which would cause Google adsense to be banned) or they are unable to compete in this market.

The next thing which I thought was not very impressive is they have suggested is FEO targeting is not very good but I think to get good quality advertisers you should always have this option. [Screen shot attached]

• Fastclick text ads
Fastclick is one of the leading ad network in the field of CPM network but it has launched a new product of text link but the disadvantage of being its not very targeted and so you don’t have a very good click through ratio.

• Bidvertiser
Nothing special about the CPC advertising on Bidvertiser but what is attractive to it is it has very low minimum amount payable and they pay through paypal and minimum payout amount is $10.

As you can be seeing after going through the review of so many ad network now it’s becoming more and more predictable as to what will be the review of the next ad network and so I will not be doing all with myself and leave something for you to invent. I provide some list of ad network and its up to you to invent if anyone of them best fit for your requirements.

• AllFeeds
• Adhearus
• AffiliateSensor
• Veoda
• RevenuePilot
• Kanoodle
• Enhance Interactive
• Quigo
• Nixxie
• InfoGrabber
• Mirago (coming soon...)
• Miva (FindWhat/Espotting)
• SearchFeed
• AdEngage
• BannerBoxes
• ContextWeb
• CBProSense
• ClicksAdsDirect
• Adgenta
• ExpoActive

pepi33 7Jul2006 18:22

Re: Alternatives to adsense
Well, if you want to try someting else (not text ads) you can try the Product Ads at Click Share. They pay well.

sterling45 14Aug2006 06:27

Re: Alternatives to adsense
Great Article.

Here are my comments:
1. I've used clicksor before... got paid $0.
2. Bidvertiser is OK but the ads did not relate to my content at all. I've only earned $30 within 2 months so I switched over to adsense.

ryan 19Aug2006 22:25

Re: Alternatives to adsense
I have another good ad company. It is Oxado. Oxado has ggo types of ads because they rotate every two seconds giving the user/member who is viewing your site more chances to find an ad that interests him. Also it has a really good administration area which is securer than some ad publishing companys.

I would recommend Oxado if you have been banned from adsense. The url is http://www.oxado.com. Its worth giving them a try.

shabbir 19Aug2006 22:30

Re: Alternatives to adsense
Probably oxado does not have advertisers because if you search for web hosting or seo in oxado it shows no advertisers found and web hosting / SEO is one of the most competitive term available

ryan 19Aug2006 22:36

Re: Alternatives to adsense
Yes but they have lots of insurance and loan ads which are a couple of the most high paying key words on any advertising network. These ads are where most webmasters get their highest paying hits.

shabbir 19Aug2006 22:42

Re: Alternatives to adsense
I dont see that. 0 results for loan as well.

ryan 19Aug2006 22:45

Re: Alternatives to adsense
There is because i have them on my site and its a good payout rate. And there are lots of them because the ads rotate about 4 times. So that is four different loans on my website displaying Oxado ads.

shabbir 19Aug2006 22:53

Re: Alternatives to adsense
probably then they need to update there home page box which gives the user a wrong impression.

#.Stylus 19Sep2006 15:15

Re: Alternatives to adsense

Continue to use Google AdSense or any other ad network.
Wow, I wasn't aware of that. Great information! Thanks so much shabbir

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