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tootypegs 29Nov2007 05:12

Parsing an image of a device?
Hi i'm new to this forum.

..Basically i have a program that can create an image of a device (for example USB thumb drive). I would now like to take that image file and parse it so that i can see all of the files and the directory structure but i have to be honest, i have not a clue how to attemp this!!!

........does any one have any ideas- or is able to point me in the direction of research sources??

thank you

shabbir 29Nov2007 09:10

Re: Parsing an image of a device?
If you have the program you can look into the code and see how it creates the image and you can get the image to content out. If you just have the application then you are at the mercy of the program creator to disclose that to you.

tootypegs 29Nov2007 13:30

Re: Parsing an image of a device?
I made the program. I gets a handle on a device then using readFile() and WriteFile() it takes a copy of the device a 'bit' a a time.

shabbir 29Nov2007 17:13

Re: Parsing an image of a device?
Probably you should have the algo so that you can extract the image back to some folder and for that you may need some delimiter between the files / folders and then if you have such algo then you will be able to manipulate the content.

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