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Bhullarz 28Nov2007 16:12

Network Programming in VB.net
Hi guys ! I am looking for some network programming tutorials in vb.net.

I want to capture the amount of data being transferred from a connection whether it is a LAN or Internet Broadband Connection. Can somebody help me specifically in this matter ?

pradeep 29Nov2007 15:33

Re: Network Programming in VB.net

Bhullarz 1Dec2007 10:11

Re: Network Programming in VB.net
sir ! this project u have suggested is in vb 6. I am looking for project in VB.net. VB6 projects can be converted to VB.net but if something particular to vb.net could be found that would be really helpful for me.

Bhullarz 2Dec2007 09:06

Re: Network Programming in VB.net
i have found one class "system.net.networkinformation.networkinterfac e" . it is MUSTINHERIT class. I don't know how to use this class as it doesn't allow to create new instance of it.

Can somebody help me that how to use this class?

pradeep 3Dec2007 10:14

Re: Network Programming in VB.net
System.Net.NetworkInformation.IcmpV4Statistics try this http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/lib...tatistics.aspx

Bhullarz 11Dec2007 13:22

Re: Network Programming in VB.net
Mr. Pradeep, Thanks. You are trying to help me out. The links you have given are with examples C#,But I am working in VB.net. Is it possible if you can give any VB.net example as I am not known to c#.

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