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vip4 20Apr2006 05:56

ComboBox help
I have a problem with the combo box. The vertical scroll bar doesnt appear in it when i go to select an item in its selection area. It doesnt appear even when i have added alot of strings in it. I am using win32, not MFC.
Can some please help me with this problem.
Thanks alot in advance.

shabbir 20Apr2006 07:25

Re: ComboBox help
There are couple of things you should be looking into it.

1. Do you have the dropdown area large enough.
2. Do you have the Vertical scroll bar style set.


vip4 22Apr2006 19:36

Re: ComboBox help
I dont know the vertical scrollbar style. Could you tell and i will try it to see if it works.

shabbir 22Apr2006 20:12

Re: ComboBox help
Try and see the properties of the control in the VC editor and you will find the Vertical scroll bar property.

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