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turkeythigh 17Nov2007 00:01

solid state hard drives
ive heard rumors the last coulpe years of the emergence of solid statre hard drives. and just last week i noticed the asus is now selling a laptop with a 4GB solidstate. and all of a sudden alot of companys are doing the same. the bigges ive seen is 64 GB. we are heading in to an age of higher computing speeds. YAY FOR THE WORLD!!!!! :D

rockaway 5Dec2007 15:38

Re: solid state hard drives
Yes you are correct.Read this The market for flash-based solid state disk drives which act as drop-in replacements for traditional hard drives used in mobile and portable devices is heating up ....keep reading

turkeythigh 6Dec2007 04:35

Re: solid state hard drives
thanks for the article link. ill read it later but ive got to get my term paper done.

roobX 12Jan2008 06:03

Re: solid state hard drives
Woo for faster speeds!
Now they just need to crack down on making fiber optic logicboards possible/affordable and we'll be ready to fly with information faster than you can say... anything lol.
I'm actually considering getting that Asus. They have it in an 8G version that uses PCI-e. And they were originally going to release a 16G version too. I might wait until that comes out, if it does.

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