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johnd 13Nov2007 10:40

ok, im new to c programming and stuff so yea...anywayz...i need help making this function compile... whenever i compile it i keep getting an error saying " [Warning] converting to `int' from `double' "


int ToBaseTen ( char value [256], int base, int l)
    int result=0;
    int ivalue=0;
    int n=0;
    int j=l-1;
    char chold=0;
    while (j>0)
    return result;

thats the function..it is suppose to convert any value from another base to base ten. (not sure if it will work tho)!!

thnx in advance

shabbir 13Nov2007 11:24

Re: HELP...Urgent!!
pow(base,j) returns a double but you are using it with an int and so you should cast it

johnd 13Nov2007 19:22

Re: HELP...Urgent!!
thnx...i got it to work

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