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Prosdo 10Nov2007 05:44

Hey everyone. I am taking classes in C++ and SQL. I actually signed up to get help with a homework problem for my SQL class. Hope you guys can help me out. :D

shabbir 10Nov2007 13:07

Re: Newbie
:welcome: to the forum and apart from welcoming I would also suggest you to looks at the following links

Firstly the Guidelines and then Hints before you make a post to help you in posting your queries. You can look at Today's topics as well as Unanswered topics.

You can browse through the article competition forum and vote / nominate your favorite article for the month.

Also I would like to let you know that you will not have the permission to edit your own posts unless you have 25 posts.

Now about the homework help if you show us you are willing to do then you will see lots of people willing to help but if you say complete my assignments then you may see some very harsh comments.

Safari 11Nov2007 12:56

Re: Newbie

coderzone 12Nov2007 11:58

Re: Newbie
Welcome to the forum.

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