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goT 14Apr2006 08:39

int Xdata[100] = {100};
How to add Guassian noise with variance Var to Xdata?

coderzone 14Apr2006 09:13

Re: randomness
Can you clarify a bit more on what you want to be doing with the variable and what is Var ...

shabbir 14Apr2006 09:15

Re: randomness
Please read Before you make a query thread so that you know what you are asking can be understood by the other people.

goT 14Apr2006 12:00

Re: randomness
maybe to print it to screen or display it. Var is variance = 0.8, for example.

shabbir 14Apr2006 13:35

Re: randomness
How to Generate White Gaussian Noise probably can help you. What I found there is

  for i = 1 to N
      U = uniform()
      X = X + U

uniform is uniform random number generator between 0 and 1.

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