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Nadr 5Nov2007 22:25

Share your blog
Why don't we have a thread where we share our blogs and what we have done to promote our blog.

A request to the administrator to allow this but this are some of the threads where we can self promote our blog.

shabbir 6Nov2007 09:52

Re: Share your blog
We do not allow self promotion when its just the self promotion only but its good to have threads like this.

Here is my blog http://shabbir.in

Safari 11Nov2007 13:03

Re: Share your blog
I am planning to start one but is just too busy with my 9-5 job

rapwaydown 5Dec2007 04:16

Re: Share your blog
im planning to build a blog, but no enough time
guess will have to wait for a while

pradeep 5Dec2007 09:43

Re: Share your blog
Here is mine http://blog.pradeep.net.in

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