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BasicX 4Nov2007 09:40

[Redirecting Issue]
Heyyyy Everyone I Really Liked The Forum And Hope Will Make It The Best..
This Is My 1st Post..There's Something Driving Me Crazy..
How Can I Make "Onsubmit" Do Two Actions...
Or There's Another Way ??
I Want To Validate Submit And Redirect It To Another Website...
I Will Be Very Appreciated..
Thanks :)

BasicX 4Nov2007 09:57

Re: [Redirecting Issue]
Or If Not Possible..
Can I Validate Form Without Redirect Me To for example Action=Site.com/php
to post but look like nothing happened??

pradeep 5Nov2007 10:26

Re: [Redirecting Issue]
Use an AJAX call to submit, and then redirect to another website!

BasicX 5Nov2007 11:09

Re: [Redirecting Issue]
Thaaanks Alot Man..
But Im Using A Free Website And It Doesnt Support PHP
And Im Newbie :$
Is Ajax Same As PHP ??
So Ajax Call Work With Html ?
That's My Sample
form name="site" style="margin:0px;" method="POST"target="_top" action"post.php" onsubmit="return OnSigninSubmit(this);">
:( Dying To Redirect It After submit

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