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jodarox 1Nov2007 12:48

Time Difference in VB6
Hi everyone! I am just a new registrant to this site and maybe I have more fun to this I have a question about calculating times between times in VB6 is there anyone knows the code? :D

pradeep 1Nov2007 17:27

Re: Time Difference in VB6
Code: VB

'To find Days

'To find Months

'To find Years

'To find Hours

'To find Minutes

'To find Seconds

jodarox 3Nov2007 11:49

Re: Time Difference in VB6
Thanks for replying me so soon I'm very glad about that. the problem for that code is in seconds its accumulated and not restting into 60 seconds only is ther any other way in calcutlating time difference? Thank in advance I appreciated most your soonest response.
Regards to all! ;)

pradeep 3Nov2007 12:20

Re: Time Difference in VB6
You'll have to manually calculates, the seconds, minutes, hours... etc like this one http://www.go4expert.com/showthread.php?t=6980

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