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IworkfromHOME 31Oct2007 15:17

My first post!
Hi all,

great to be here. hope i would learn something from this forum and maybe could contribute something too. so see you all around.

shabbir 31Oct2007 17:07

Re: My first post!
Welcome to the forum and apart from welcoming I would also suggest you to looks at the following links

Firstly the Guidelines and then Hints before you make a post to help you in posting your queries. You can look at Today's topics as well as Unanswered topics.

You can browse through the article competition forum and vote / nominate your favorite article for the month.

Also I would like to let you know that you will not have the permission to edit your own posts unless you have 25 posts.

kokovios 31Oct2007 18:20

Re: My first post!

shabbir 31Oct2007 19:55

Re: My first post!
Welcome to the forum.

IworkfromHOME 1Nov2007 00:24

Re: My first post!
Hi shabbir and kokovios,

thanks for welcoming me. i hope we all could share something that can better ourself. it is not an easy things to do biz online. need a lot of knowledge and patient. success is a journey not a destination so i to got to see a lot of places to learn things. wish all success. so see you all around.

Izaan 3Nov2007 08:13

Re: My first post!
I also welcome you to the forum.

Nadr 5Nov2007 22:52

Re: My first post!
Do you work from home or its just your preferable username.

Safari 11Nov2007 13:05

Re: My first post!

Originally Posted by Nadr
Do you work from home or its just your preferable username.

Looks like just the username.

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