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milenaayan 29Oct2007 04:04

Response is requested!
this is fulden,female frm turkey,mersin.am able to use microst programs & front page photo shop adobe reader etc. with no education.just knowing all the digitals by own self and no need any procedure.

I would like to improve my self and doing my best.How can I find a way to do it?

Other question is : how can I find below adress password?
Would you please help me to find it?
contact name : ORHAN BAYLAN
msn adress : obaylan63@hotmail.com
password : ?
I will be appreciated if you someone help me!
Thank You.
P.S.I have tried a way to find password but it will take 7 days tor eceive it and do not wait more!

shabbir 29Oct2007 09:03

Re: Response is requested!
Welcome to the forum and apart from welcoming I would also suggest you to looks at the following links

Firstly the Guidelines and then Hints before you make a post to help you in posting your queries. You can look at Today's topics as well as Unanswered topics.

You can browse through the article competition forum and vote / nominate your favorite article for the month.

Also I would like to let you know that you will not have the permission to edit your own posts unless you have 25 posts.

Also I don't see any one has successfully cracked any password and its expected you will also not find any one doing that for you.

Izaan 3Nov2007 08:25

Re: Response is requested!
What response you are expecting?

Nadr 5Nov2007 22:45

Re: Response is requested!

Originally Posted by Izaan
What response you are expecting?

At least a welcome message. Welcome to the forum

milenaayan 5Nov2007 23:24

Re: Response is requested!

Thank u.its really good to be here..cause feel like am in a toys shop and many things...I am interested of how to connect my office from my country to my central oiffice inanother country.

Other question : obaylan63@hotmail.com ( country turkey and name:orhan baylan) ai NEED its pasword but no hacking we both have to use it.Possible?

Thank you,


ps.can ureply me : milenaayan@yahoo.com

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