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brownpinoy88 28Oct2007 01:46

Help vb6 remote admin tool
ok i made a trojan in vb6 then only probelm am having is i got the code for screenshot to work. and the server sends the screenshot data back to my client. but what am trying to do is get that screenshot on my screenshot form. how would i send the screenshot data that i recived from the server to my screenshot form sorry if its not too clear. please help i would greatly appericiate it thanks!!

shabbir 28Oct2007 08:49

Re: Help vb6 remote admin tool
As I can understand you are trying to send some image data from your server to your client and what you can do is send the data always in say jpeg format or something which both your client and server can understand and then save the data from the client into some temp location and then display the screen shot into your desired area.

I hope I have understood the problem correctly.

brownpinoy88 29Oct2007 09:54

Re: Help vb6 remote admin tool
well thats not really what i was asking but here ill try explain it again.

okay so i made a client and server program both of them have winsock. but what am tryin to do is get my server to send me back data to the client. and from the client i want to put the data to a screenshot form . but i don't know exactly how i would send it to the form i want without putting another winsock on it. sorry if its not clear. heres my code at the bottom:

Private Sub sock1_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long)

Dim Data As String

Call sock1.GetData(Data, vbString)

If Data = "screenshot" Then
screenshot <--- what would i put here to make it goto my screenshot form.
End If

End Sub


Private Sub sock1_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long)
Dim x As String

If x = "screenshot" Then
keybd_event vbKeySnapshot, 0, 0, 0

keybd_event vbKeySnapshot, 0, &H2, 0
sock1.SendData "screenshot"
End If

End Sub

shabbir 29Oct2007 17:52

Re: Help vb6 remote admin tool
Add the code to display it.

brownpinoy88 30Oct2007 02:53

Re: Help vb6 remote admin tool
thats the problem though i dont know what the code would be to display it .. sorry i am still kinda new with vb6 .

shabbir 30Oct2007 08:45

Re: Help vb6 remote admin tool
How do we know what you have been using to display screen shot but we expect you to have some picture box or something similar.

Now if you are new to VB first get your hands on the language rather than going for client server programming.

brownpinoy88 30Oct2007 09:56

Re: Help vb6 remote admin tool
Nevermind I got it to :cool:

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