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MOON 24Oct2007 14:30

Learning web design, HTML, CSS, etc...
When I first started SEO, I came from a sales position. Sales is not my strong suit. Im much more of a technical type of person. So we thought that I would do well in this type of work. However, the only thing I ever knew about the internet was how to surf it.

Now I learn pretty quick and I think Im more naturally skilled for technical stuff, I just need to learn.

What is the best way to learn web design, HTML, CSS, XHTML, etc... anything, EVERYTHING I need? Should I take college courses? Or are the online tutorials enough for someone to master these things? Or should I just do both??

Did you guys all go to school to learn this stuff??

gameyharp 24Oct2007 17:59

Re: Learning web design, HTML, CSS, etc...
I'm learning html right now and just about finished it up in a few weeks. I'm going to then be learnign CSS and XHTML. I'm learning all of this from www.w3schools.com. It's great for picking up and learning what your looking for VERY quickly. Hope this helps :D.

shabbir 24Oct2007 21:07

Re: Learning web design, HTML, CSS, etc...
You can start on with the one suggested by gemeyharp and then if you have queries you can post them here in the forums.

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