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pgairo 24Oct2007 09:20

C++ Compiler
Hi, i have a c++ 5 compiler when compiling my programs the output is display for few seconds and than it is closed. Please is there setting on the compiler that i can change so that the output is displayed longer


shabbir 24Oct2007 09:29

Re: C++ Compiler
Before the last statement have a user input using scanf, getch / getche so that it does not disappear before you see the output.

pgairo 24Oct2007 09:44

Re: C++ Compiler
Please can you write the commands so that i can see what you mean.

shabbir 24Oct2007 10:09

Re: C++ Compiler

int main()
    cout<<"After the last output"<<endl;

pgairo 24Oct2007 10:29

Re: C++ Compiler
Thanks so much Shabbir for your help here and may our good Lord above continue to bless as you continue to share your knowledge with us.

shabbir 24Oct2007 21:37

Re: C++ Compiler
I just realized that it was not in the right forum and I have moved the thread to C-C++ forum

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