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wickets07 24Oct2007 02:13

Freelance Sites
Was browsing the web of course and came across a few freelance sites but they all seemed to have one thing in common they have people from over seas, as I am in the USA I rather work with some in the USA or hire someone in the USA and then I came across this site uLance2.com and wondering if anyone has tried it out? :confused:

shabbir 24Oct2007 09:43

Re: Freelance Sites
I read your introduction and you seem to be a freelancer and so you should be knowing the best freelance site in the business like rentacoder.com and elance.com and so I would not even dare to look at that site. Is that your site ?

Izaan 3Nov2007 09:05

Re: Freelance Sites
I prefe RAC.

Nadr 5Nov2007 22:34

Re: Freelance Sites
There is no substitute to elance.

Safari 11Nov2007 13:24

Re: Freelance Sites
how about scriptlance and getafreelancer.

newhand 17Nov2007 01:30

Re: Freelance Sites
Check this site - http://www.freelancersitereviews.com/ for accurate reviews

shabbir 17Nov2007 10:20

Re: Freelance Sites
newhand, probably you should also add sites like elance.

coderzone 21Nov2007 09:45

Re: Freelance Sites

Originally Posted by shabbir
newhand, probably you should also add sites like elance.


ritz10 10Mar2009 15:56

Re: Freelance Sites
No frankly speaking not till the time of writing. But in my online marketing career of six years, i have worked with some great players in the freelance domain. Elance is the oldest in the list. Odesk is most comprehensive, LimeExchange is one year old with some very good features like limestand and so getting projects is easier here.

writerstella 2Apr2009 15:42

Re: Freelance Sites
I am freelance writer and I have been using these freelance job websites to get work. I also came across this new website called LimeExchange they have really good projects to offer from global clients.

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