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salimovic 21Oct2007 00:46

Running sum

I want to know How to create running sum in form, i tried from sample in web site that i found in google, but when i tried the result is BIG ZERO.

Thank you


shabbir 21Oct2007 10:01

Re: Running sum
Where you are trying to create that. On some web page or in Access.

salimovic 22Oct2007 09:34

Re: Running sum
i tried to ms access,

salimovic 22Oct2007 13:53

Re: Running sum
Ok OK, i will make more simple, i just want to know how to create running sum in form using ms access, cause when i tried sample from website then i did to ms access , its not work, so can u help me how to create running sum in form using ms access ^_^

thank you

shabbir 22Oct2007 17:12

Re: Running sum
Could not understand the sum of what the rows / columns what you are talking about ?

salimovic 23Oct2007 10:17

check box
ok ok, i will ask for another question, about check box, how to create check box and if I task that check box reprasent for all check box, mean no need to task one by one for each check box.

salimovic 23Oct2007 10:36

Check box
1 Attachment(s)
Ok, Please open in attachment files, for sample

thank you


pradeep 23Oct2007 13:05

Re: Running sum
he wants a check all checkbox, i guess!

salimovic 23Oct2007 14:39

check box
Yes, exactly, so with give task to main check box, no need to give task to each check box,

may i know how to create that ( code )

pradeep 23Oct2007 14:42

Re: Running sum
You want to create that in a web page?

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