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phaze3131 16Oct2007 02:16

Mapping 3D color picker into 2D
I am wondering if it is possible to map all 16^6 colors from a normal 3D mapping (whether it be rgb or hsl) onto just a 2D space.

Where the only variables are x,y and "similar" looking colors are all near eachother. Here is an example of a 2D sort of mapping of all the colors: (google "16 million colors" it comes up second)

I'm wondering if its possible to do that but somehow get all the similar looking colors near one another so maybe like it could be split up like ROYGBIV where all the "reds" are together and so on.

Of course it could not be perfect by any means but something along those lines i'm wondering if its possible.

Thanks for the help guys, and I know this is a very different question so it's ok if noone is sure.

bozalina 13Feb2008 03:04

Re: Mapping 3D color picker into 2D
Did you ever figure out the functions to map RGB into 2D space? I'm wanting to make a 2D color picker control and want to do the same thing.

phaze3131 13Feb2008 04:40

Re: Mapping 3D color picker into 2D
I have not figured it out or found anyone that wanted to take on this job.

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