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rln 15Oct2007 14:19

Hi !

Is it possible the single Application should support ANSI,UNICODE,Internationlization,64 Bit Codig etc...? (No MFC. Only with Win32)

If Yes Wat are actions to be taken while coding..

Example : For displaying "Hello World"
It should display in ANSI
It should display in UNICODE
it also able to handle in 64 bit(if display invovled integers)
Also it should able to display hindi,regional languages and other international languages...

shabbir 15Oct2007 14:53

Re: Porting,Unicode,Compilation,64Bit...how
You should be understanding some thing.

1. ANSI / Unicode are exclusive set.
2. 32 / 64 bit are also exclusive set.

Now you can have some thing like a 32 bit exe which runs first and depending on the configuration and setting loads a new file / DLL and that will be your best option.

rln 17Oct2007 16:35

Re: Porting,Unicode,Compilation,64Bit...how

I am doing project and message hooking.
Currently I am maintaining 2 files for ANSI Version and UNICODE Version.
Because ANSI /Unicode Version of Messages are dependent on
Preprocessor called UNICODE and _UNICODE.

I need to give a Single Executable for handling both.

Is it possible ? Or give a suggestion regarding this.

shabbir 17Oct2007 19:58

Re: Porting,Unicode,Compilation,64Bit...how
Its possible but in a very tricky way. What you can do is have all the executables compiled in different versions and have them as an embedded resource in your final executable and when that runs just extracts the necessary exe and runs it.

rln 18Oct2007 12:27

Re: Porting,Unicode,Compilation,64Bit...how
Is it also Applicable to the same 32/64 Bit switching also. ?
Or any other idea
32 Bit ANSI
32 Bit Unicode
64 Bit ANSI
64 bit Unicode

what is the mode of primary Executable ? ( is it 32 bit or 64 Bit?)
I think it should be 32 bit only.

shabbir 18Oct2007 20:29

Re: Porting,Unicode,Compilation,64Bit...how

Originally Posted by rln
what is the mode of primary Executable ? ( is it 32 bit or 64 Bit?)
I think it should be 32 bit only.

Any thing you believe you are comfortable at.

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