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parryzensg 19Aug2010 14:37

Re: Speed up your web pages

Thanks many to share the site optimization in speed up process...!!! meet again.

kien_vn 31Aug2010 19:16

Re: Speed up your web pages
the tips is very simple but very useful and necessary.

Max2010 14Oct2010 14:33

Re: Speed up your web pages
thanks for sharing, very well done. I use pagespeed plugin in firefox and yslow, but your tips are easier to understand

jacktom 4Apr2011 14:57

Re: Speed up your web pages
Very informative post.

Kingson 26Jul2011 17:48

Re: Speed up your web pages
A fast loading web page is an important factor that heavily weighs into a userís experience on your web site. And itís not just your audience taking notice of how quickly a page loads into their browser, Google uses this metric as part of their PageRank algorithm. Web designers and developers who are creating web sites will want to take this into consideration, and usually do by optimizing image filesizes, using semantic HTML and CSS, and controlling the amount of content that appears on any given page. However, web designers and developers can decrease their page load times even more by forcing the browser to cache specific types of content via the Expires header. In fact, both Google and Yahoo recommend implementing browser caching by setting the Expires header.


adammarleymtts 26Jul2011 23:46

Re: Speed up your web pages
This is the great post. The tip is very informative and very helpful. Thanks for the tip given here.

kartarsingh015 15Sep2011 19:08

These are great ways of speeding up my web pages

tanyagarg9695 15Sep2011 23:16

Re: Speed up your web pages
fantastic information

hanleyhansen 22Sep2011 01:15

Re: Speed up your web pages
Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

mirandu85 3Oct2011 16:03

Re: Speed up your web pages
i think in a page the scripts are the ones that burden it

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