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mad_girl 6Oct2007 03:04

eof bit not set
why such two easy lines don work
char c;
while(!file.eof ())
{ file.read(c,1); cout<<c; }
the loop is infinite i don know why the eof bit is not set or what

DaWei 6Oct2007 15:03

Re: eof bit not set
You don't show how you're opening the file, so the fail bit is probably set, which means the eof bit will not be set. If you care to show some more code, feel free to do so.

If you show more code, and want a response, put the code in code tags.

mad_girl 6Oct2007 19:59

Re: eof bit not set

string str2="test.txt";
ifstream file(str2.c_str (),ios::in);

and another question please when file.tellg() return -1?

                                                file.getline (temp,20,'=');
                        if (strncmp(temp,varName.c_str(),varName.length())==0)
                                                        file.getline (X,20);
                                                        return true;

when i debug this code and make it print lastEnd and file.tellg() values through the iteration of the loop every thing is fine until file.tellg() return -1 in the middle of the file so the loop doesn't end??!!!!!

DaWei 7Oct2007 08:09

Re: eof bit not set
Are you paying attention, and have you bothered to read the documentation for the functions you use?

mad_girl 7Oct2007 19:29

Re: eof bit not set
i already did, but i don remember any thing telling me the code i sent is wrong.
thanks 4 help

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