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ashoo 3Oct2007 13:33

How to frame a query..
Hi 2 ALL,

I have got an 11 digit no to be generated in a table..
11 digits are distributed as
PPxxxxxxxxM --(Here PP are 10,11,12; xxxxxxxx ranges from 00000000 to 99999999 and the complicated part is the 11th digit which is the MOD 10 of all the 10 digits.)

One way is to go ahead and create a sequence from 1000000000 to 1299999999 but how the MOD10 can be calculated for each number and to be concatenated as 11th digit for each number..
what needs to be done if the intial digits(PPP) required is 100 apart from 10,11,12. :confused:

shabbir 3Oct2007 17:02

Re: How to frame a query..
Duplicate of How to frame a query... Thread closed.

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