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An007kit 2Oct2007 23:10

Translation unit.....
Can someone please help me with the meaning of translation unit.....
I'll be thankful !!!

DaWei 3Oct2007 01:28

Re: Translation unit.....
An007kit, you appear to be a "help leech." The primary purpose of this forum is to help people with problems in their code, or with things which they cannot discover through their own resources and intelligence. I would suggest to you your learning materials, tool documentation, and Google. Such resourcefulness will be expected of you in your professional life, should you have one.

shabbir 3Oct2007 04:22

Re: Translation unit.....
Refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Translation_unit

An007kit 3Oct2007 19:15

Re: Translation unit.....
Thanx Shabbir and DeWei ..... I thought of gettin some help....but ya donna seem to be any different then my profs.......I am thoughtful enough to put a query in Google search....Only asked when didn't understand most of it......
And DeWei do ya know what a leech means bloody sh**...A**H***

An007kit 3Oct2007 19:19

Re: Translation unit.....
Refer this ...to get the look of a leech
Dictionary meaning...
a fat worm which lives in wet places and fastens itself onto the bodies of humans and animals to take their blood

An007kit 3Oct2007 19:20

Re: Translation unit.....
Refer this ...to get the look of a leech

shabbir 3Oct2007 21:09

Re: Translation unit.....
Don't you think thats related to Biology rather than programming I guess.

DaWei 3Oct2007 22:43

Re: Translation unit.....
The meaning of "translation unit", as regards C/C++ is well-defined. Those meanings are widely available with the most limited research.

Consider this fact: if many, many people have explained that, in a forum that is widely available (the Internet), then asking other people (e.g. the members of a forum also available on the Internet) to REPEAT those explanations is a matter of laziness or gross inability.

The definition of a leech is exceedingly appropriate. The parasite seeks a host who has expended energy in order to convert raw materials for nutritional purposes. The leech only expends enough energy to rob the host of this nutrition, which has been expensively processed by the host.

In this case, and others, the OP is asking for answers that are widely available. A few minutes of investment are all that's required, but the OP would rather invest only 30 seconds or so and be spoon fed answers.

I, for one, will not participate in such shenanigans. If the OP succeeds in this methodology, then some company might hire the OP, and the OP's co-workers will wind up doing all the work while the OP draws a check without investing any effort other than that expended by others.

An007kit 3Oct2007 23:58

thank you....

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