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zee 27Mar2006 03:10

vc++ firefox like menu
How to create that kind of drop down menu in vc ?
A snipplet would be nice.


shabbir 27Mar2006 06:17

Re: vc++ firefox like menu
Do you mean you want the flat looks to the menus.

coderzone 27Mar2006 21:14

Re: vc++ firefox like menu
What is the speciality with the menu.

zee 28Mar2006 12:59

Re: vc++ firefox like menu
I meant to modify a standard menu, so menu button be flat and onmouseover would change backround to "windows default select" color, with onclick flat menu and custom border color.

coderzone 1Apr2006 10:36

Re: vc++ firefox like menu
1 Attachment(s)
Here is the source code I am attaching for Menu. I have downloaded it from somewhere but dont know the URL. Going through the code comments will help you get how to add the menu item.

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