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heiro 1Oct2007 21:07

current path
VBScript - Im making my school project now and i have difficulty on how to get the current path of my script.Pls help me on how to do this.....

for example if i'll copy it anywhere in my directory it could get it's current path

Note:This script will be compiled to .EXE

shabbir 1Oct2007 22:07

Re: current path
Now my question is how do you compile your VBScript into an exe. It should be only VB and not VBScript.

heiro 2Oct2007 02:18

Re: current path
you can use vbs2exe.It compile vbscript to exe file

shabbir 2Oct2007 05:08

Re: current path

Originally Posted by heiro
you can use vbs2exe.It compile vbscript to exe file

Even if you can do that it will not serve the purpose of VBScript which is to run into a browser.

heiro 3Oct2007 02:19

Re: current path
maybe you are right, but i am trying to go beyond what vbscript is for...

i already get the answer....

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