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clocking 29Sep2007 14:06

Proxy and IP
Hi, every one. Do you know about Proxy and IP :D

shabbir 29Sep2007 19:14

Re: Proxy and IP
Server placed between a user's machine and the Internet. It can act as a firewall to provide protection and as a cache area to speed up Web page display.
Internet Protocol. A packet-based protocol for delivering data across networks.

clocking 29Sep2007 21:30

Re: Proxy and IP
Thanks for your answer. Could you tell me the way which Proxy work?
And Does a modem have address?
and Does Switch have address?
Many thanks

shabbir 30Sep2007 04:48

Re: Proxy and IP

Originally Posted by clocking
Could you tell me the way which Proxy work?

Proxy works as giving the user an inception of its capable of doing the job / requests where as it actually delegates the task to the actual service provider.

clocking 30Sep2007 07:11

Re: Proxy and IP
It's between User and ISP? Can we change it? where does address of internet card write? I do not understand what does address of Internet card based on?

SpOonWiZaRd 4Dec2007 22:56

Re: Proxy and IP
Internet card? I think its Network Interface card... That has a MAC address (The physical address of your network interface card). As far as i know, a modem has no address other than your phone address, But the modem gives your computer an IP address that it gets from your ISP, and a layer 3 switch does have an address if you specify one for it. The MAC address is given to your network card by the manufacturer and you can not change it, but, you can spoof it. You can change your proxy server by telling your computer to use the address of a proxy server that is open for anonymous use. go and Google Proxy server list.

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