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RESCUE 28Sep2007 18:18

Dreamweaver and web design
i have already read the dummies
any suggestions for further read?
please help me
i am looking for a full time employment in the sector and want to be left behind!

shabbir 28Sep2007 18:35

Re: Dreamweaver and web design
Please confine links to signatures.

Rexy93 28Oct2007 12:30

Re: Dreamweaver and web design
It would be better if you could get some Certificates which makes it easier but it is not required.

There is some sites that do have tutorials but for Dreamwever I suggest downloading some E-Books.

Magena 6Sep2008 15:31

Re: Dreamweaver and web design

First you clear your basics of web design then go for any software like DW.


shabbir 6Sep2008 18:53

Re: Dreamweaver and web design
Magena, Please confine links to signatures only.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 7Sep2008 08:39

Re: Dreamweaver and web design
Dreamweaver is a okay program but if your wanting to become in the proffesional type fields i dont reccomend using DW i would reccomend studying the programing language as well as graphics design

juresh 16Oct2008 15:06

Re: Dreamweaver and web design

If you wanted to make a simple website then you can go for any CMS. It is easy for you to handle this.
If you want to become a web designer then you will be started from basics.


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