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suprakashnandy 28Sep2007 16:34

Help Needed!!!
I want the solution of a linked list problem...The problem is :

I have a infinitely long Singly linked list and don't have any start and end pointer. There is a pointer p, pointing to a node somewhere in the linked list and i have to delete its previous node. Is it possible and if yes then how?

shabbir 28Sep2007 17:08

Re: Help Needed!!!
As its single list you cannot reach the previous node unless its a cyclic single linked list.

An007kit 2Oct2007 23:48

Re: Help Needed!!!
I am not sure what do ya mean by the fact infinitely long.....
Otherwise ya can work on the lines of shabbir...
check for a circular linked list....
that can be done by initialising two pointers and incrementing them at different interval...one at an increment of 1 other at an increment of 2...
if they meet....linked list is circular....
then ya can go to the previous node or previous to previous node and complete ur stuff....

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