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clocking 28Sep2007 16:11

Write the article
Hi, please show me the way writting a article . And if I want write code, what do I do?

shabbir 28Sep2007 17:02

Re: Write the article
You need some document editor and a standard compilers :p

clocking 28Sep2007 18:45

Re: Write the article
;)) I do not want to ask you that.

shabbir 28Sep2007 20:21

Re: Write the article
What else can I tell you. The question is I would like to climb Mount Everest what should I do. The answer is go ahead and see what turns up and make some ground work about how you should be starting.

clocking 29Sep2007 06:58

Re: Write the article
oh, thanks for your interest. actually, I want you share you experience about designing database for a web page.
Have a nice day.

shabbir 29Sep2007 19:10

Re: Write the article
But you are asking for writing an article and it seems you are not sure what you are looking for.

clocking 29Sep2007 21:26

Re: Write the article
oh, really? I'm sorry, my friend. Don't worry. Could you answer it? please!

shabbir 30Sep2007 04:40

Re: Write the article

Originally Posted by clocking
oh, really? I'm sorry, my friend. Don't worry. Could you answer it? please!

Its already there read it.

clocking 30Sep2007 06:54

Re: Write the article
I'm designing a database for my page. I want to show pictures in my page. The important thing's designing good database. follow 3-NF, But, pictures do not have name, author. However, they have history, culture and fan. I'm worry for this work.

shabbir 30Sep2007 10:09

Re: Write the article
clocking you are one of the valuable member of the community but I have been constantly telling you not to jump in any thread / article and post your query and this is the last time I am doing that. If you continue to do that your account may be prohibited from posting. You have the same query in Database interview questions for beginner article as well. Please be careful from now on.

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