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Svraddict 27Sep2007 23:57

volunteers for mmorpg
hi everyone

im trying to make a text based wrestling mmorpg, so im gathering a team to do it. I already have some creative managers and programmers, but im looking for some more expirienced programers(im only 16 so im only gonna learn programming when i enter college) but if anyone here wants to help me and join my team hes welcome. You can comment my idea to please

sorry for the grammar mistakes


shabbir 28Sep2007 04:47

Re: volunteers for mmorpg
What do you mean by text based.

Svraddict 28Sep2007 16:19

Re: volunteers for mmorpg
its a game whos interely made by text, no graphics, just text. you play and choose what you want to do entirely by reading. Most of the free mmorpg work like that.

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