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clocking 27Sep2007 19:05

Hi! everyone. :)
Who know about BIOS?
And if you can show me the way set up time in BIOS.

shabbir 27Sep2007 21:19

Re: Bios
Using your bios is nothing rocket science and you should be able to do it if you try some options around the time setting options.

Bhullarz 28Sep2007 02:12

Re: Bios
I have one question about BIOS. We usually say BIOS is a ROM (Read Only Memory). Is it really ROM? If yes, then where do we store the BIOS settings. Because whenever there is not hard disk attached, even then BIOS settings can be changed. Where these settings are stored as BIOS can't store it in itself as it is a ROM ?

Colin Mac 29Sep2007 00:48

Re: Bios

The BIOS settings are stored in a chip on the motherboard CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) memory. A battery on the motherboard keeps the settings from being lost when the system is turned off.

clocking 29Sep2007 07:04

Re: Bios
How to use pin along? (for laptop)

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