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Kalpana 26Sep2007 14:43

disable NAT in linux
how to disable NAT in linux?

pradeep 27Sep2007 13:38

Re: disable NAT in linux

iptables -t nat -F

Kalpana 27Sep2007 14:13

Re: disable NAT in linux
thanks pradeep... :)

Kalpana 27Sep2007 14:18

Re: disable NAT in linux
But do let me know whether the command u told will disable NAT and NAPT also ?
and is there any way we can disable static and dynamic NAT using iptables..? [apart from deleting the NAT rules in the NAT table]...

Kalpana 8Apr2008 14:59

Re: disable NAT in linux
The rule "iptables -t nat -F" would delete all the rules present in the iptables which would include all NAT & NAPT regardless of whether they are static or dynamic....

[Just a finishing information to close this discussion..]

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