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rahulanand 25Sep2007 23:45

somebody hacking my computer
dear friends i am in big trouble
somebody changing my office documents regularly through remote desk top or some how, interrupting my Outlook incoming and outgoing mails, can u help me how to get rid from this,
when i check my device manager (Monitors) i found there is two plug and play monitor, is this possible ??????? .
In the run command (Startup -> Run) i found msconfig, some other command and ://some body's name
Is some body hacking my computer can u give me a solution.
As this is my office computer i can't use any other software, is there any method of changing in the configuration will help me to get out from this mess ????????

Please help me (I'm using windows XP, Computer LAN connected)

kush_2207 25Sep2007 23:51

Re: somebody hacking my computer
It seems like that you are infected with Trojan (can be other things but the first impression is Trojan) Try running Antivirus + Trojan-remover and scan your computer for infected files.....

Other thing can be a virus running on your computer and damaging your system files which is resulting into crazy things.....

If you can elaborate your problem....then we can be in better position to solve your problem.....

When you disconnect your computer from LAN....Do you witness the same problems ?

rahulanand 26Sep2007 00:02

Re: somebody hacking my computer
Thank u for your quick reply

At my office there is antivirus software and our company IT regularly doing updates and other necessary this hence there is no chance for a virus attack at all.

As mine is competitive field i have fellow rivals, i strongly believe this their activity but i can't complain without any evidence and knowledge of persons. But i believe one of my colleague is a computer expert, this may be his activity but i'm fed up with this. How can I protect me from this interfere. Believe he has set up to share my computer some how, I wonder whether it will be a remote desk top connection or just hacking my files. One this i noticed my C drive was shared, i removed the share but when i reboot it become automatically shared again. How this is possible.

kush_2207 26Sep2007 00:07

Re: somebody hacking my computer
ya....Scripts can enable the share....or can be done with some trojan....I cannot be sure unless i am on it....

Only thing i can tell you is backup all your important files and format your computer....
Or tell your company people about your problem and they can help you with that.....

Talking like this wont help.....:)

rahulanand 26Sep2007 00:17

Re: somebody hacking my computer
Hi Kish

Is it possible to control or limit external access through window service manager

Start -> My computer -> right click -> manage -> Services and applications -> Services

and starting or stopping some services like remote access, i don't know much about it. which all service we need to establish a remote connection, remote access etc...

or block user through

Start -> My computer -> right click -> manage -> local user & groups -> users (Enable and disable some users should help me to disable external access?????????)

kush_2207 26Sep2007 00:27

Re: somebody hacking my computer
netstat -a -b in the command prompt would list out all the ports along with the services running.....

You can also go to Services options and stop all the services which are not required....

Caution -> Make note of services which you are stopping so that you can revert the changes if theres anything wrong !

rahulanand 26Sep2007 00:36

Re: somebody hacking my computer
Any idea about the services which if stopped will deny external access

SpOonWiZaRd 4Dec2007 23:03

Re: somebody hacking my computer
What you can do to stop that is to disable remote desktop connections, change your password to a strong one and go to your user accounts and see if any unknown users are added that does not belong there, what could have happened was that the hacker could have gained access to you computer once with administrator rights and created a new user for him with the password of his choice, thats one scenario... The other is that you have netcat on your computer and that opens up a port that the hacker specified, your anti virus will not detect netcat as it is not a virus or a trojan, check if you do not have netcat on...

P455w0rd_Cr4kz 7Jan2008 08:27

Re: somebody hacking my computer
disable remotedesktop,remote assistant and disable system restore.Then restart your pc unit on "safemode" and scann it for spyware and trojans. while you at it,open control panel,go to firewall and check the 'exceptions" allowed running.

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