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bpetruzzo 25Sep2007 23:32

100% Page Fill
I've created a simple page to display a flash document. My intention is for the document to stretch over the entire page. However, when I use <body leftmargin="no" topmargin="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"> it leaves one line of white space along the top of the page and a hairline white space along the left. also, the flash document itself is set to 100% height and width. I've tried using a 100% table and putting the flash in that, but it had the same problems.

Does anyone know how to make a flash document cleanly cover the whole page?

pradeep 26Sep2007 10:10

Re: 100% Page Fill
Just try setting the BGCOLOR of the page to the background color of the flash document!

bpetruzzo 26Sep2007 17:15

Re: 100% Page Fill
The background color of the flash document is not solid. It's a video that's constantly changing which is part of the reason that the white on the outside is so unattractive.

Rexy93 29Oct2007 02:34

Re: 100% Page Fill
<body bgcolor="red">

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