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bothie 25Sep2007 19:18

intranet development
was tasked to develop a local company's intranet as a project,for my year 2 using php,so can you assist me in the following:
1).basic contents of an intranet
2)what differentiates it from a wewbsite
3)after you have developed it what do you go on to do

pete_bisby 16Nov2007 01:05

Re: intranet development
1. An "intranet" is a website for internal purposes only, that usually covers issues relating to the company itself. It can contain recent events for the comapny, newsletters, personnel matters, events .... basically anything that is curernt and relevent to the company.

2. There really isn't anything different between an internet site and an intranet site, as far as the coding is concerned. Intranets are for internal use only - no-one outside of the company (the general public) will not have access to a company's intranet.

3. Well, it is good experience for web design and web development. If it is for a project, ensure that you plan the development and your code is well documented - don't just start coding away, simply because your tutor won't be impressed with your project management skills !!

bothie 30Nov2007 16:34

Re: intranet development
the third part of thequestion is on how to make the sute available to others on the intranet ie i have apache as my server and would like to know how to serve the site to others on the lan

pete_bisby 30Nov2007 22:44

Re: intranet development
Your server would have been allocated a name (which should be in the Apache config file), and most certainly an IP address. Just enter the address of the server into a web browser, like any other website, and that's it !

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