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Bhullarz 21Sep2007 16:31

Hacking Microprocessor !
Hi all ! I am sharing one experience with you here. I don't know how many of you know this thing or have tried this thing.But it is working good for me. All of us know, whenever we buy a PC, we look for the best speed of the processor like P4 2GHz,or P4 3GHz etc. Do you know you can yourself increase the speed of your processor. Yes ! we can increase the speed of Processor. Few settings and your pc is going to work faster than before. This thing can be done from BIOS or CMOS settings. I have just done it and my PC is now ROCKING...My pc is actually 2.26 GHz P4 and I have over-clocked it upto 2.8Ghz and its damn fast now.

Here is the simple steps:
Go to BIOS/CMOS settings using Delete button
Go to Frequency / Voltage Management
Here enable the First Option
on second option Set the speed.
press F10 and restart your pc.

Remember one thing, do not try to give very much high speed than your current speed.It may cause no display. Like my speed was showing 133 MHz and i did it to firstly 140 MHz and then 150 MHz. I tested the frequency with the increase of 10 only. So I advice you to do so.

Criminal 21Sep2007 23:32

Re: Hacking Microprocessor !
Don't Mess with the BIOS as U may Burn the motherboard, it happened with a friends' laptop. !!!

Bhullarz 22Sep2007 17:28

Re: Hacking Microprocessor !

Originally Posted by Criminal
Don't Mess with the BIOS as U may Burn the motherboard, it happened with a friends' laptop. !!!

Bro! I have already tested this thing on my Personal Computer. It is working very fine and it has improved my PC's performance. You don't need to worry,If anything goes wrong.You can rectify it yourself.You dont need to go to your vendor even. Just reset the CMOS with jumper.That's it.

shabbir 22Sep2007 20:31

Re: Hacking Microprocessor !
I don't understand the idea behind it because if your hardware does not support it just increasing the speed should not help but if it does then also I don't think its the clock speed would make your PC faster. There are lots of other parameters as well.

SpOonWiZaRd 5Dec2007 23:32

Re: Hacking Microprocessor !
But that overclocking will also overheat your CPU... so I suggest that who ever do this to get proper cooling...

JohnAadam 16Nov2011 23:02

Re: Hacking Microprocessor !
Its a real risky process. Before trying it please get more knowledge about overclocking and what are its side effects. Bhullarz its working fine in your pc is because you might have good cooling system. Without a proper cooling system this process can do a heavy damage to motherboard, smps and graphic card.

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