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coolcalimba 20Sep2007 03:05

SQL Inner Join

I have the tables set up as below (simplified)

BET (BetID, Title, Date, Event, Bookie1, Bookie2)

BOOKIE (BookieName, URL)

Every bet contains (among others) 2 bookies.
Each bookie has an URL.

For every bet I need a command to select all from bet along with the URL of both the bookies that are involved. This is the closest I have got but there is "incorrect sytax near c".

SELECT a.*, b.url as 'url1', d.url as 'url2'
FROM (BookieBet a INNER JOIN Bookies b on a.Bookie1 = b.BookieName) c INNER JOIN Bookie d on c.Bookie2 = d.BookieName

Any help appreciated.

shabbir 20Sep2007 09:39

Re: SQL Inner Join
You are not specifying the table name near C Also I am just giving a try and its not a tested one.


Select b.*, b1.url, b2.url from BET b, BOOKIE b1, BOOKIE b2
where b1.BookieName = b.Bookie1 AND b2.BookieName = b.Bookie2

coolcalimba 21Sep2007 02:21

Re: SQL Inner Join
Cheers mate, seems I was over complicating things slightly.!

shabbir 21Sep2007 09:13

Re: SQL Inner Join

Originally Posted by coolcalimba
Cheers mate, seems I was over complicating things slightly.!

Did that SQL work

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