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mad_girl 18Sep2007 17:48

endless database
the program i'm working on is not gonna finish :o
the problem is i made aprogram in vb.net which connects to adata base and the program is working so good while compiling in visual studio but when i try to run the exe file it gives me alot of errors concerning duplicate names and logical file and i don understand what's wrong :confused:

jwshepherd 18Sep2007 18:48

Re: endless database
post some of the errors and lets see if we can work throught them

mad_girl 19Sep2007 01:44

Re: endless database
can i send u the program on ur mail? cause the errors can't be explained ,u won't get it

jwshepherd 19Sep2007 03:44

Re: endless database
sure, zip it up and pm me . I'll look and see what I can find out.

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