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khasmoth 15Mar2006 09:09

Internet Addict test
Plese take this test to know if you're really an internet addict now.
I've tested this one and the result is postive.Want to know if you are an internet addict?
visit this one:


shabbir 15Mar2006 10:43

Re: Internet Addict test
My one is also positive.

pradeep 15Mar2006 14:39

Re: Internet Addict test
Mine is somewhat negative. :o

rai_gandalf 15Mar2006 17:19

Re: Internet Addict test
Mine is Positive with a capital 'P' & that would be xpected.

Quite an irony, though, that the Test was itself on the Internet & I spent more of my time online by taking it!!

Rajiv :D

coderzone 15Mar2006 22:02

Re: Internet Addict test
Your Internet usage is causing significant problems in your life. You should evaluate the impact of the Internet on your life and address the problems directly caused by your Internet usage


rai_gandalf 15Mar2006 22:49

Re: Internet Addict test
Don't take life too seriously, No one gets out alive.

That's my take on the issue. If I am a net addict, I am a proud one. ;)

coderzone 16Mar2006 07:47

Re: Internet Addict test

Originally Posted by rai_gandalf
That's my take on the issue. If I am a net addict, I am a proud one. ;)


gamehunter101 4Jul2006 08:02

Re: Internet Addict test
my score is 32 surprisingly im average

sterling45 14Aug2006 06:41

Re: Internet Addict test
Oh dear, I already knew that I was addicted before I took that test! Thanks for the confirmation ;)

unni krishnan.r 9Jun2010 17:24

Re: Internet Addict test
i am proud to be a net addict

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