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matherectus 13Sep2007 12:39

Link Building Service?
I have a beautiful experience last week. Allow me to share it to you.

Last day I really have a big problem about how to increase the popularity of my site.My frown turns into smile when my friend in yahoo messenger advice me to hire a person who is expert in this matter. I follow his advice and he said that I will visit to this site <<Link Removed>> and contact their Manager to hire a link builder. In deed he is correct because aside from a cheap cost of service the quality of work of the link builder I hired is extremely fantastic. So now, I am really confident that after two months the ranking of my site will increase.

So what are you waiting for ...... follow my steps and be a millionaire someday

shabbir 13Sep2007 13:10

Re: Link Building Service?
Do not jump into each and every thread and try promote your site or you and your website can get banned from the forum

shabbir 13Sep2007 17:27

Re: Link Building Service?
Your account is now banned.

rapwaydown 29Nov2007 05:54

Re: Link Building Service?
wow, sad....

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