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shabbir 14Mar2006 14:11

Would like to write for Go4Expert
Thanks for your interest about authoring content as articles for the go4expert Network. The major criteria to publish content on go4expert networks are

1. High quality content on topics that are relevant to our audience, which consists of people who involved in programming and development.

2. Contain a unique and valuable message, and have not been published previously. It can always be published on the autors site.

3. We have the right to edit where necessary, to ensure consistency of articles within our Network, and for readability issues.

4. Once you decide on a topic for your article, please be sure to search for it on go4expert, to ensure that you won't be covering information that's already been explained by other content on the site. And if you have any questions about article topics, don't hesitate to get in touch.

5. Write in the first person, and speak directly to your readers.

6. Must be at least 1500 words in length.

7. Must be in English language only.

8. Must be the original work of the author, and give full credit for any passages quoted from other sources.

9. Do not include affiliate links in your article – articles that include these will not be approved.

10. Always use Proper BBCODE to give the better look to the code snippets.

11. Its always better to submit the images seperately as well rather than just attaching them.

12. Please do not forget to submit your personal information (bio with a link to your site and photograph of 72 x 72 pixel) with your article if you are submiting it for the first time.

13. It takes a bit longer for the Article to get approved and displayed to the public. Please be patient as this needs lots of quality and other checks to be performed before publish.

14. Article should not contain spelling or grammatical errors upon submission.

15. Royalties will be paid only if previously agreed upon. PM Me if you are willing to write for us for some thing in return specially forum sponsorship / some banner impression

shabbir 3Nov2006 16:18

Re: Would like to write for Go4Expert
Please post your query in the Queries and Discussion forum as a seperate thread.

neo_vi 11Nov2008 12:59

Re: Would like to write for Go4Expert
shabbir, instead of telling each and every member to post in the right forum u would have added a line in the last that "post ur queries in the correct section" and closed this thread.

shabbir 11Nov2008 14:31

Re: Would like to write for Go4Expert
Done that. Thanks.

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