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anoopd 11Sep2007 20:23

Font Problem ...Please help
Hi ,
I was developing a web site in a native language i typed some text in word file and copied it to a web page .. but it is displayed in different manner.Why is it so?. I tried to embed that using WEFT (it was a postscript font) still some characters are shown as question marks and squares:(.Is something should be done in encoding.. please hlep


pradeep 11Sep2007 21:54

Re: Font Problem ...Please help
MS WEFT only works in IE, provide the font on your website so that people can download and install it!

jwshepherd 12Sep2007 05:32

Re: Font Problem ...Please help
here is some hope for your website for different fonts. http://www.alistapart.com/articles/cssatten

anoopd 12Sep2007 14:46

Re: Font Problem ...Please help
I know WEFT works on IE only ... i was just telling about a local font .. k anyway

livin2011 11Jan2011 16:39

Re: Font Problem ...Please help
me also want its proper answer. please help me too...

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