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malikmasif 11Sep2007 15:40

Conevrt ppt to slide show
Hi i want need some help can it is possible that i
convert ppt that is upload on my web server and when
any user visit the page they will show a slide show
i am using php scripting language i need the script
that can handle it not a tool

pete_bisby 16Nov2007 01:20

Re: Conevrt ppt to slide show
I'm not sure it can be done. The only way that I know is available, and is probably the preferred method, is to save the Powerpoint presentation as a web page, and then upload this to your site.

This is documented within moodle (http://docs.moodle.org/en/Import_PowerPoint)

pradeep 16Nov2007 11:05

Re: Conevrt ppt to slide show
Try http://slideshare.net

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