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Radiant 10Sep2007 19:53

Lxi Help!!
Hello Am a Beginner..

I know LXI Rp,address(16 bit)

is an 3 byte instruction.

and M/Cs =3

But am curious to know that.. if the contents are address then of course its going to perform a Memory Read operation.

Then why not we consider 4 m/cs instead of 3.

1: opcode fetch
2: operand fetch
3: operand fetch
4: memory Read


DaWei 10Sep2007 21:54

Re: Lxi Help!!
Get the manual for your microprocessor (you don't mention the type) and check the instruction. It'll show you.

Radiant 11Sep2007 00:22

Re: Lxi Help!!
Oh am extremely sorry for that duplicate post.

Its an 8085 microprocessor am studying about.

Please help me to clear the above query.

DaWei 11Sep2007 02:02

Re: Lxi Help!!
The destination register pair is contained in the opcode, so 1 opcode fetch, 2 data fetches.

Radiant 11Sep2007 12:08

Re: Lxi Help!!
oh yes...
Thank you! Thank you!

its just the data(the address) thats going to be loaded into the Register pair... and not the contents of that address. So no Memory operation here..

Thank you very much !!

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