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zakir 10Sep2007 16:04

How to develope client/server application through sockets?
I want to develope a client/server application through network using tcp/ip sockets. On one end I have old machines with DOS 6.0 or so while on the other end winxp. WinXp is to act as client to be connected to other DOS pcs acting as servers. DOS pcs have already loaded with tcp/ip (ver not available just now) and other neccassry files and drivers. The problem is that in the present setup, what to say of communication, the PC with windows XP can't even ping the other DOS Pcs. I have written a simple client/server application in VC++ that works fine on the single pC with WINXP but fails to connect to the said DOS machines.
Please help me out by providing basic things that have to be taken in mind while writing such an application. If possible, enumerating sequentially all the actions/things required to reach the solution.

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