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Arran 10Sep2007 13:19

Search Fields In ASP??? Please Help :(
Hi All,

Basically i am trying to add an additional search to a website, my ASP knowledge is quite limited although i seem to be getting there. i have introduced the search field into page and have the funtion setup. however what i dont seem to be able to find is the fields/functions its calling.

heres the function code:

function ViewExistingShippingAddresses2() {
            if ((document.Update.search_ship_to2.value == "") || (document.Update.search_ship_to2.value == "Search By Cost Centre")) {
                  alert("Please enter a Cost Centre to search for.  If you do not remember the full ID, enter the starting characters for a broader search.");
                  return false;
            else {     
                  document.Update.MM_submit_action.value = 'ShippingAddresses';

and the form field:

<input name="search_ship_to2" type="text" class="formstyleControl" id="search_ship_to2" tabindex="94" value="Search by Cost Centre" size="36" maxlength="100" onFocus="this.value='';"></td>
                              <td width="20"><input name="button_search_ship_from2" type="button" class="formstyleControl" value="Search" onClick="ViewExistingShippingAddresses2();">

im really just trying to find where i would pull the data from for this? how would i get it to search based upon cost centre rather then address?

(viewexistingshippingaddress2 is an additional field which i have created.

please someone help i've been stuck on this for days... really need some help :(



jwshepherd 10Sep2007 15:50

Re: Search Fields In ASP??? Please Help :(

document.Update.MM_submit_action.value = 'ShippingAddresses';
You probably have a SQL server with a stored function called Shipping Address, look through the SQl database and you can copy it and add a few new fields or criteria for your new search.

Arran 10Sep2007 18:51

Re: Search Fields In ASP??? Please Help :(

thanks for the reply.

i have attached the files in question.

what i am trying to do is to introduce another search function underneath alternative ship to address.

the new search needs to be based on searching for CostCentre.

no matter what i seem to do i cant get it right, if someone could have a look for me it would be most appreciated!

(3 files attached in the zip they all seem to have something to do with it.)


<<Attachment removed>>

shabbir 11Sep2007 09:16

Re: Search Fields In ASP??? Please Help :(
I have removed the attachments and please do not attach the complete project and ask to debug / find bugs. Take the pain of discussing it and explaining it and also use your code snippets in the posts where you think could be a potential problem.

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